Riverside Candle Studio was born on the bank of the Cedar River in Charles City, Iowa in 2017, producing hand poured, small batch soy candles free of dyes and additives resulting in clean burning, deliciously scented soy candles.

My journey into becoming a candlemaker started with inspiration from my strong and loving mother-in-law, who was a big consumer of candles. It was more common to find one lit on her coffee table than not. After she passed away a few years ago, my husband recalled she used to say it was impolite to have a candle on your coffee table that had never been lit. I suppose it had something to do with wanting her guest to feel comfortable lighting it if they desired. I don't know whether this is a widely held belief, but if it is, it's one I had never heard of.  Regardless, it lit a fire in me and kindled a desire try my hand at candle making. That desire quickly grew into a business, and here I am, running a candle company and I've never been happier!

Whenever my mother-in-law used to walk into the kitchen when something was cooking, she would say "I smell good smells". I hope you find something here that makes you say that too. In the meantime, I will be working in my studio, with a candle lit nearby on my coffee table...

Lori Blodgett,

Owner/Candlemaker, Riverside Candle Studio

Take time to light a candle....