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This beautiful glass vessel with matching lid showcases the beauty of the lotus flower, which symbolizes beauty and spirituality. Once the wax is gone, the jar can be easily cleaned and repurposed for a variety of uses.

Jar is packaged in a black box specially designed for this vessel and wrapped with a ribbon. A personalized note can be included for no additional charge.

BLACK CURRANT & JASMINE - This sophisticated scent proves it is possible to quickly rise to the top of our favorites list. The amazing blend of black currant and jasmine, along with a base of black tea and amber is a welcome treat at the end of a stressful day.

CASHMERE PLUM - Bright citrus fragrance with a touch of black cherry with a sweet base of sugar and vanilla.

EGYPTIAN AMBER - Infused with six essential oils with a rich base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood with top notes of jasmine, lavender and orange.

GRAPEFRUIT & MANGOSTEEN - Blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen - an exotic fruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach.

LAVENDER & SAGE - Lavender, sage, rosemary, and chamomile combine with hints of sandalwood and cedar to create a relaxing spa like scent.

MEDITERRANEAN FIG - Notes of fresh and sweet figs, musk and cashmere.

ORCHID & SEA SALT - Welcome this luxurious scent with a smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights.

PEPPERMINT & EUCALYPTUS - Sweet peppermint with tingly, earthy eucalyptus for a refreshing spa-like scent.

SUN-KISSED LINEN - This upscale scent gives off a lusciously soft fragrance like clean linen with a touch of refreshing lemon.